4 Things You Should do to Ensure Family Togetherness


it is the wish of every parent out there to build a strong and lasting family foundation. Raising kids, ensuring their health and wellbeing, keeping the whole family connected and overcoming challenges are part of the process. While every parent wishes to keep their family together no matter what, it takes quite a lot of effort to make things work as expected.No matter the age of your kids or family level, you’ll acknowledge that family life always has something new to teach you. Consider these tips to keep your family closer.

Set up time to spend together as a family and make it a ritual. You can’t be a family unless you regularly spend time together. As a parent, you have the obligation and right to demand family time even if your kids complain or whine. At one point or another, your actions will bear fruit and everyone will take part and see the real value in spending time together. Ensure that your whole family has dinner on the same table at least three or four days each week. You should also plan and follow through on family activities at least once a week. That can be a weekend hike, a kid’s outdoor sports event or a game night.

Ensure that everyone takes part in conversations so that you can connect better as a family. Planning time together is not enough if you’re not talking to one another and developing your relationship as a family. To connect and know each other better, encourage sharing stories and information with one another. Have an interest in your kid’s or teen’s interests and engage in conversations instead of criticism. Discuss their daily activities, their choice of friends and get to know their dreams. You should also share your life with your family as it brings you closer and helps everyone learn.

Teamwork should be a huge part of ensuring family togetherness. The strongest families are based on a culture of teamwork. Create specific times like on weekends to work together on something. Some of the activities you can do together include shopping with your kids, team building activities, yard work, garage cleaning, car wash, preparing a meal and others. Instead of just directing your kids or teens to do this or that, join them and be a team player. Encourage them, express appreciation and play to their different strengths. Working out should also be a part of family activities such as cycling, running, swimming, walking and sports.

The wellbeing of your family also matters as well as the culture of giving. Even the smallest act of giving like showing gratitude and even volunteering as a family positively changes your social life. A huge part of building a strong family foundation is making sure that everyone is happy http://freerangelives.com/ . While you should not expect everything to be easy, at least understanding how every family member feels and thinks about each one of you as well as their health and wellbeing eases the burden. No matter the hardships or celebrations along the way, understanding these points http://freerangelives.com/about-us/ will help to bring your family closer.

For further reading/watching, please visit  http://edition.cnn.com/2015/07/28/health/family-workout-ideas/ .


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